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Prototyping refers to the activity of creating early, quick and usually incomplete versions of a website or web application. A prototype (also known as a wireframe or mockup) can range from being very crude to being highly interactive, and allows the developer to explore a variety of ideas before taking the time to implement them. One of the main benefits of prototyping is to obtain early feedback from potential users. The process of prototyping usually begins after first identifying a basic set of requirements. However, in some situations the prototype itself is used to help identify requirements. As more information is gathered about the proposed website or web application, usually through testing, the prototype can be changed and improved.

Instructions: You can either use all items (tiles) in all categories, or filter down by selecting only the items in one category. You then can sort the items in that category by using one of the criteria shown. For example, first select the Web and Mobile tools by clicking on the ‘Web and Mobile’ category, and then sort those items by clicking on WebRank Stats: Higher. This suggests that the most popular prototyping tools for doing both web and mobile prototypes are Omnigraffle, Axure and Balsamiq. Next click on Has Free Version? to see which of the 'Web and Mobile' tools, if any, are free. You find that only InVision and are free. To find out more about a tool, or to purchase or download a tool, simply click on the tool's tile.

*These organizations usually have more than one product associated with their main URL. This makes it difficult to determine which specific tool has the most traffic.