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Card Sorting

Card sorting helps web developers to better understand how actual users would organize the information in a website or web application. In other words, card sorting is a method used to help design or evaluate the information architecture of a website. In a card sorting session, participants organize topics into categories, i.e., they put items together that seem to go together. They then suggest labels for each of the resulting groups. Originally, card sorting was done using actual index cards sorted on a table; but currently most card sorting research is done by using an online card sorting tool. Once a set of categories and related labels are determined, they then can be validated by conducting one or more Navigation tests – again, by using an online tool.

Instructions: You can either use all items (tiles) in all categories, or filter down by selecting only the items in one category. Then sort the items in that category by using one of the criteria shown. For example, first select the card sorting tools by clicking on the ‘card sorting’ category, and then sort those items by clicking on the WebRank Stats: Higher. This suggests that the most popular card-sorting tool is OptimalSort; but if you sort by Alexa Site Rank: Lower, then the most popular tool is UserZoom. However, when comparing the cost of these two tools, OptimalSort is much less expensive. To find out more about a tool, or to purchase or download a tool, simply click on the tool's tile.

*Some of these organizations have more than one product associated with their main URL. This makes it difficult to determine which specific tool has the most traffic.