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Content Design

The visual Content of most modern websites includes text, images and video - you should ensure that each is optimally presented. When dealing with text, you must ensure that your information uses familiar words easily understood by typical users. As a minimum, present all written words with appropriate grammar, correct spelling and proper punctuation.

Most measures of readability try to predict the number of years of education that a person needs to be able to easily read and understand the text. You should match the ‘readability level’ of your text to the reading grade level of most users. Generally, if you use too many long, unfamiliar words, and/or long sentences, your text will be more difficult to read and understand. Most readability formulas use word length and sentence length to predict reading ease. The average grade level for this paragraph is 8.9, with an average of 4.4 characters per word, and an average of 15.3 words per sentence. [see the Readability Score tile] Finally, ensure that your text is optimized (clearly represents your content), uses the best keywords for SEO purposes, and is unique (not plagiarized).

Instructions: To make it more convenient for you to find the ‘content design’ tools in which you are most interested, this list of tools can be first filtered (selected) by major category, and then sorted within each category. For example, you first can select the ‘Readability Measures’ category, which will show all of the tools on that topic. You then can click on the 'WebRank Stats: Higher (better)’ option, which will sort the ‘Readability Measures’ tools by popularity, with the most popular (as determined by WebRank Stats) shown first. To find out more information about each tool, and to make a purchase (where possible), simply click on the tool’s tile.

*These organizations usually have more than one product associated with their main URL. This makes it difficult to determine which specific tool has the most traffic.