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This website provides several sources of good usability research. First, we provide a list of ‘journals’ that contain the results of current usability research, and a list of the most commonly attended ‘conferences’ by usability professionals. The conferences publish their ‘proceedings’, which is another good source of up-to-date research findings. Second, there are a few researchers that conduct their own research and then directly publish their findings on a website without using a journal or conference proceedings. Most of these sites publish research that is not ‘refereed’, or not reviewed, by other usability professionals.

In 2012, there were about 852 research papers published in 12 usability-related journals, and another 2,131 articles reported at five major usability conferences. This is a total of about 3,000 research papers published in one year. We like to ask our developer friends, “Which research article did you find most useful?” Unfortunately, we find that most developers are not aware that any usability or user experience research has been done. We evaluated the 3,000 research articles published in 2012 to find those that were most directly related to improving the usability of websites or web applications. In other words, we tried to identify those few articles that could possibly be converted directly into research-based guidelines. In 2012, there were only 174 research studies, or about 6% of the total set of papers, that were in that category.

Instructions: You can either use all items (tiles) in both categories, or filter down by selecting only the items in one category. You then can sort the items by using one of the Sort By criteria shown. For example, first select ‘Journals’ by clicking on that category, and then sort the journals by clicking on Web-Related Articles. This shows that the Journal that had the most web-related articles in 2012 was Computers in Human Behavior (some of the conferences were held in 2011).  To find out more about a journal or conference, or to purchase or download an article, simply click on the tile.


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